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Talking to Kids About School Safety

We see a lot of school violence in the media these days. As parents, it’s on our minds constantly. Statistically, we live in a country that’s safer than ever, but the incidents of violence can be… dramatic. Some kids who are aware of the news may feel anxious or worried about going to school. That makes talking about school [...]

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How to Calm Back-to-School Jitters

It is completely normal for children to feel anxious about going back to school. Even though summer is only about ten weeks, that’s a lot of time for young children. Going back to school in September is almost like starting for the first time. If your child is anxious about going to school, follow these tips. 1. Restart those back to [...]

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How to Prevent and Treat Bug Bites and Stings on Kids

Summer is well underway, which means our kids are spending a lot of time outside. Bug bites and stings are a real concern, especially if we aren’t 100% sure what our kids are allergic to. Here are some simple steps to avoiding and treating common bug bites and stings. 1. Prevent bites and stings naturally There are two simple ways to [...]

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5 Pieces of Advice for Moms Looking to Start Their Own Business

It can be tough to manage your life if you have the entrepreneurial spirit and a family. They both take up so much time that your days can be overwhelming. That’s not to say you shouldn’t try, of course. I strongly support moms starting their own businesses and following their passions. As someone who has done it all before, [...]

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9 Foods to Avoid While Nursing

We all know that breastfeeding is very beneficial for your little one. However, if you’re not taking care of your own body while doing so, you could be passing along some harmful things to your child. Here are foods you should avoid while nursing: 1. Coffee Drinking coffee or tea, some of the caffeine can and most likely will end up [...]

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6 Steps to Plan a Summer Family Picnic

Picnics and barbecues are some of the most fun events during the summer. If you’re planning on hosting your own summer event, especially for family, there’s a lot of preparation that will go into this. Here are some steps to plan a great summer picnic for your loved ones: 1. Reach Out Most likely, you won’t be able to cook [...]

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Planning a Nap Schedule for Your Preschooler

Naptime is essential for young children as it is necessary for them to recharge during the day to keep them from getting overtired. It is also the time when kids develop – both physically and mentally. There are many benefits to napping during the day, which is why many parents have their toddlers on a nap schedule that they [...]

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7 Tips for Raising Well-Behaved Kids

Changing diapers, serving dinner and cleaning up are actually the easy parts of being a parent, especially when it comes to teaching our kids how to behave. It’s a never ending struggle that can take years. Here are some tips that will help you raise well-behaved children. 1. Maintain your self-control – Parents who fly off the handle suddenly and [...]

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11 Baby Sleep Myths BUSTED

Throughout my work with babies and their sleep habits, I’ve heard it all. There are some common misconceptions floating around about how babies sleep and how parents should respond. Hopefully this clears some of them up! 1. Myth: My baby doesn’t need her pacifier because she spits it out. Truth: Losing the pacifier has nothing to do with needing it. Don’t get [...]

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Breaking Bad Baby Sleep Habits

When our children are infants, we do everything in our power to help them sleep. Sleep is immeasurably important, so doctors and parenting experts encourage us to coax them to sleep however we can – rocking, swaddling, cuddling, nursing… Over time, our children learn to associate these comforting acts with sleep. The consistency soothes them right into slumber. At some point, [...]

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