Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving

Posted by Alicia Overby on 24th Oct 2017

So I'm playing these cards as they lie so to speak...blogger uploaded my photos in the opposite order so...this is how you'll see them. Sorry, it's probably not as interesting as the title might beckon it to be...oh well!

So obviously...here is the finished product. 1 little pumpkin shy of my 'patch' due to a little girl just not being herself these days...she's not really 'up' for things like this these days.

It's funny that my first born, Lilly, chose the largest pumpkin. She is usually the first one to speak up and let each child know which size they should chose to form a perfect little line of pumpkins similar to how they form a little line of children. Not so this year!

They had wanted to set them up to surprise Daddy when he got home. I cannot remember the last time he was able to carve with us, so we always get to surprise him with our vignette of pumpkins. This year I didn't quite make it out to light them as he pulled up....so Lilly quickly caught him at his car to stall the process...just in time he approached the house and I put the lid on the last one!

Well...hmmm...how did this get in here! This is Wesley....he's our barn cat. Remember the tweets about the live mouse in my cupboard....that prompted the quick action in getting a cat. He doesn't seem to care we are carving pumpkins...he has his own 'business' happening. We live on a farm now...this kind of stuff happens.

The biggest child...the biggest wimp. That's Finn. He was not about to have pumpkin guts on his hands...it most definitely caused a minor gag reflex for him.

Then little miss Take Charge Lilly was ALL about getting down and dirty with her big pumpkin. She also was not shy about talking all about it to the other kiddos.

Finn had a hard time staying on task....as usual. He loves him some Wesley.

Just getting started. Saving seeds for roasting and scraps for chickens of course!

The happy gang. It was sunny...it was beautiful and we were all happy to be out. Even ZsaZsa and Wesley!

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Written by Alicia Overby - Founder & President of Baby Elephant Ears

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