Let the Preparations Begin!

Let the Preparations Begin!

Posted by Alicia Overby on 20th Mar 2018

Finn giving his egg a kiss! Such a lover.

Lilly was excited and of course Finn had to stick his egg in the shot too!

The Whole O. Gang!

Beautifully colored eggs..and egg tatoos (thanks auntie Rue)!

Baskets from the bunny (and mom, auntie rue & Great Grandma S)

I thought banana cream pie would be kind of "springy" huh?

Eggs to hide for an egg hunt!
Daddy helping Sylvi color eggs!


So there you have it! The beginnings of a glorious day for tomorrow. I know, I know...none of this has anything to do with Christ, but can't it be about both? I really think it can...my emphasis has been on the service tomorrow and worship as a family, but I think once we are home we can have a little "Easter" fun as well!

SIDE NOTE: Mom if you're reading this we miss you and everyone else. We will be thinking of you guys tomorrow and hope your Easter celebration is as wonderful as I hope ours is! LOVE YOU!