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1. How does Baby Elephant Ears work?
2. What ages benefit most from Baby Elephant Ears?
3. How does Baby Elephant Ears work with my child's car seat? 
4. Carseat safety resources
5. Can I wash my Baby Elephant Ears?
6. What does ethically manufactured mean?
7. What is your Return Policy?
8. What is your Shipping Policy? 
9. Contact Us

How does Baby Elephant Ears work? By simply placing the pillow behind your baby's head and pulling the bottom of the Baby Elephant Ear lobes snugly under your baby's chin, you will give your baby superior head/neck support and encourage healthy, strong posture development. Take it with you wherever you go and repeat steps above! 


What ages benefit most from Baby Elephant Ears? Baby Elephant Ears were designed to best support the 0-2 year old cranial-spinal developmental stages. However, Baby Elephant Ears can and should be used as long as it fits the child safely & securely. If you have questions about a special needs child or a custom order, please contact us. We'd love to help. 

How does Baby Elephant Ears work with my child's car seat? Baby Elephant Ears does not attach to the carseat or harness and is intended to be placed behind your baby's head once she/he has been fastened securely and properly into the seat. Please refer to manufacturer's instructions and any applicable local/state laws, if need be. Many of the warnings against aftermarket products pertain to supports and accessories that attach to the carseat in some way and could potentially alter the fit of the harness/straps or interfere with how the seat functions. According to the several carseat safety sources, a rolled towel or small blanket is suggested as a head support for your baby. We think we can do better than that with Baby Elephant Ears safely and in style. 

Carseat safety resources:
Buckle Up Kids! Brochure - MN Child Passenger Safety Program 

Can I wash my Baby Elephant Ears? Absolutely! You don't think a mom of 4 would develop, let alone use, a product that wasn't fully washable, do you? Machine wash cold and warm dry is recommended. Do not bleach. 

What does ethically manufactured mean? Sometimes as parents, we want our purchases to mean something. Baby Elephant Ears is a product to fill a specific need for you as a parent; we wanted Baby Elephant Ears to do more than that. Finding a local manufacturer was a big part of that.  Baby Elephant Ears is committed to eco-conscious business :

  • Ethical, local manufacturing
  • Carbon-neutral, green website
  • Organic fabric selections with sustainable fill material made of bamboo/corn fiber.

What is your Return Policy? It is our goal for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. You may return unused items within 14 days of delivery for a refund. If you would like to make a return or exchange:
Please contact us at returns@babyelephantears.com, and we will issue you a Return Authorization.

All items returned or exchanged must be in their original, un-used condition. We will need a copy or photo of the invoice you received in your package. We will also request a photo of the actual product you received. Once we receive a copy or photo of the invoice, we can begin the process of a return or exchange. Returns in their original condition will be credited as the purchase price minus shipping. Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on items that have been washed or used. If items are not in their original condition, we cannot accept them and we will ask you to pay for the item(s) to be shipped back to you.

If your return is due to a defect or incorrect order, we will refund you the purchase price, including shipping, or exchange your order at no cost to you.
If your order was not an error on our part, and you would like to exchange it for something else, we will ask you to pay for the additional shipping in order to send your new item(s) out.

In the event that we mis-ship your order, we sincerely apologize and will work with you to fix our error in a timely manner. Please notify us immediately of the mistake by emailing or calling 763-203-4500. We will need a copy or photo of the invoice you received in your package. We will also request a photo of the actual product you received. Once we receive a copy or photo of the invoice, we can begin the process of correcting your order and make sure you receive the correct item.

What is your Shipping Policy? Once your order is received, you will receive an email confirmation regarding your purchase. Your item(s) will ship in 2-4 business days and should arrive in accordance to your chosen form of shipping. Baby Elephant Ears ships both USPS and UPS depending on the size and weight of your order. Unfortunately at this time, we are not able to email tracking numbers. Rest assured, we are tracking your packing from our end, to ensure a timely delivery.

Contact Us: Please email us if you have any other questions or feedback. We would be glad to hear from you!



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