We tried it! Refrigerator Oatmeal

We tried it! Refrigerator Oatmeal

Posted by Alicia Overby on 25th Jul 2017

Ok...I know to a lot of people this isn't new. But for me...I hadn't seen it before! I was really excited at the thought that there was something I could do ahead of time that was a) Healthy b) Easy and c) Quick!

So I took a shot at it. I used the recipe's from over at Yummy Life!

I liked these because there were easy variation ideas for me to start with!

So here's the cast of characters:

Looks simple enough right! And how about the jars...how cute are they? I've always loved individual serving ideas...and I just happen to have jars upon jars laying around...I just like 'em!

I can't say I was super neat my first time out on this one...but I'll get there! A little splash here or smear there...it all cleans up really easily!

It all looked so yummy in the little jar! This was the Vanilla Raspberry version...which turns out to be my children's favorite of the 3 we've tried thus far!

Gave them all a good shake and in they went. The big jar? Oh yeah...that's for Scott and I to share...ya know...we're like...a couple...so we share!

The kids raved...Scott enjoyed it and it was a success! I think this will become a regular in our home! Give it a try!

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