Four 3 and Under! The thought...

Four 3 and Under! The thought...

28th Feb 2017

I am digging back in my blogging archives to share snippets from my days with my precious littles when they were more little. This is one of my first posts (before Baby Elephant Ears was born) and these photos sure make me smile! 

This is Finn with his "fairy" wings on....

Sylvi dressing up in my closet...with the only things she could reach..undies! (yes they are clean)

Crawling in cupboards!

Even Sweeping my Floor~ you can do that more often!

Well today the thought of that is making me almost ill! My Children have been cooped up for far too long and are ready to climb the walls (after me as I am running away as fast as I can). I am sure my level of "issues" right now are not helping...but they are truly going crazy! They disobey close to everything we say (which isn't their usual take) and basically just run amuck all day! I have tried everything I know...we take them outside regularly, I play with them, let them help me do what I am doing, take them to McDonalds to burn off steam, visit other friends houses, have visitors over...EVERYTHING! But much to my unbelief they have resorted to weird things...above are some of their most recent doings!

infant support pillow

Written by Alicia Overby - Founder & President of Baby Elephant Ears

Alicia is wife, mother, and creator of Baby Elephant Ears. Baby Elephant Ears was created out of parental concern, not financial desire. In 2005, when their second child was an infant, he cried all the time and just couldn't seem to get comfortable.

After seeking advice and suggestion from the medical community and alternative medicine, they eventually ended up in the chiropractors office where their baby was successfully treated for a subluxation, discomfort most likely the result of the strain during labor, which was now being exacerbated by the normal lack of infant neck strength. Only proper neck, head, and back alignment would offer him relief. When they couldn't find a product to give their baby the necessary support, Alicia took matters into her own hands and crafted her own infant support pillow. The first Baby Elephant Ears was born!

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