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What to do When Your Toddler Refuses to Nap

Everyone experiences parenting differently, but there always seems to be a constant: as soon as we figure something out, our children change and we are presented with a whole new set of challenges. That’s true for the transition between baby and toddler years, especially when it comes to sleep. Here are some ways you can a help a toddler [...]

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6 Best Board Games for Family

There’s no boredom buster quite like the traditional board game. The people you spend your time with are who really determine how good a time you have. But If Candy Land, Monopoly and Uno have run their course with your family, it may be time to graduate to these fun games that slip past the radar for many. 1. 7 [...]

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5 Fun Winter Activities for the Family

The winter season may be right around the corner, but this doesn’t mean the family has to bunker down inside the house! If you can brave the cold weather, there are tons of fun family activities to try during the winter. As long as you have the warm clothes and hot cocoa ready for when you get home, here [...]

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6 New Year’s Resolutions for Families to Make Together

New Year’s is coming up, a time when many people use the turning over of the calendar as an opportunity to make improvements in their lives. It’s not just for grownups, though! This year, make resolutions as a family that you’ll all work toward together. Here are some great ideas. 1. Resolve to include your kids in decisions more often [...]

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Our Holiday Themed Baby Shower Gift Guide

If you know someone who is expecting a new addition around the December holidays, you’ve probably already began thinking of ways merge their baby shower gift with the holiday theme. We’ve gave this some thought too and compiled a list of six perfect gifts to pick up in time for your next holiday baby shower. All of these are [...]

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How to Discipline Your Children Without Screaming

Discipline is an important but tough part of raising children. We often have to say the same things over and over and put out fires that we think should never have been ignited. Losing your cool from time to time with your children is almost bound to happen. It’s natural for us to raise our voices out of frustration [...]

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How to Give Back During the Holidays

As the holidays approach, it’s important that we all keep in mind the good things we have in our lives and find ways to give back to others. “Giving back” can mean a lot of different things. You may want to show your appreciation to your spouse and kids, or maybe your local school or church. It might [...]

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4 Things to Remember When Dealing With Sibling Rivalry

Fights between brothers and sisters are an inevitable part of growing up together. Spending so much time with a person is sure to trigger some disagreements, and when siblings are close in age, these conflicts are more likely. Whether it’s a fight over who played the video game last, or whose turn is it to wash the dishes, it will seem [...]

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7 Tips for Having a Great Thanksgiving with a Baby

Thanksgiving is next week, which means we’re all gearing up for a big feasting day with our families. You don’t want to miss out just because you have a baby, and you shouldn’t! Some people feel that big events are impossible with a small child, but I disagree. Here are some tips for enjoying your Thanksgiving with a baby. 1. [...]

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11 Tips for Traveling with Your Baby This Holiday Season

If you’re like many families, you’ll be traveling somewhere for the holidays this year. Spending a night outside the home with a baby can be problematic. You don’t have all the right items. It’s an unfamiliar place. Who knows what could happen? To make your trip more comfortable, use these tips. 1. Dress for quick diaper changes – Forget the cute [...]

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