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5 Timeless Ways to Celebrate Spring with Family

Staring at the screens of our iPhones, computers and TV all winter long eventually becomes exhausting for everyone. These redundant activities distance us in just as many ways as they bring us together. As the weather warms up, you and your children want nothing more than to step out and enjoy the fresh air together. Here are few [...]

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What’s the Right Age to Give Your Child a Cell Phone?

While you and I didn’t have cell phones growing up, the world is changing. Kids do a lot of learning and socializing through their phones these days. At a certain age, they can feel isolated from their friends without one. Plus, they’re an excellent safety tool – we want them to be able to contact us at any time. Then [...]

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5 Potty Training Mistakes Every Parent Needs to Avoid

Learning to use the toilet is a big part of every child’s development. Unfortunately, there’s no right or wrong way to teach them. Every child is different and will respond to different techniques. But there are some universal mistakes that parents tend to make time and time again. Avoid these… Mistake #1 – Pushing your kids before they’re ready Just like [...]

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4 Tricks to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

No one sleeps through the night entirely. We all wake up several times, but you and I have gotten so good at putting ourselves back to sleep that we usually aren’t awake long enough to form any memories. It’s that quick. So the trick isn’t to get your baby to sleep for ten hours straight, but to teach him/her [...]

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7 Sweet Gifts for Baby Girls

One of the best parts about having a little girl is dressing them up in cute outfits and fun accessories! Here are our picks for the best gifts for baby girls. 1. Baby Elephant Ears Baby Elephant Ears is a multi-use headrest providing spinal/neck alignment and comfort for babies — and they’re designed to look like adorable elephant ears! Baby Elephant Ears [...]

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6 Reasons You Should Be Swaddling Your Baby

In almost all cases, babies prefer to be swaddled. In very rare cases can a baby not be swaddled, but these are rare. You won’t make your baby addicted to it or prevent them from learning how to self-soothe, and a little bit of fight is expected in the beginning. A swaddled baby will make you both happier. Here’s why… 1. [...]

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7 Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts For You and the Kids

Valentine’s Day just around the corner, which means we have to get ready to be crafty! Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romantic partners – it’s for anyone who wants to show their love for someone else. Use one or several of these crafts to make your kids’ day special and meaningful. 1. Bee Mine Valentine – Heart Craft for Kids For [...]

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How to Fight Off Your Child’s Fever

Many people don’t know it, but a fever is actually a good thing. It’s your body’s attempt to burn out something that has invaded it, like a virus or infection. Even though fevers are used to defeat foreign invaders, they can still be deadly if uncontrolled. Here are some ways to bring down a fever safely. 1. Drink plenty of water [...]

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3 Ways to Make Flurry Memories with the Family

For kids there's no greater pleasure of winter weather than the announcement that “school is closed." For parents there’s a tossup on whether you have to go to work or not. Still, the responsibility of maintaining the household and making the kids stay healthy and entertained during a snow storm is unavoidable. Adults have no choice but to clean their [...]

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How to Spot a Good Babysitter

Deciding who minds your children while you’re at work or enjoying time away is not an easy task. New parents especially have a hard time leaving their children with “just anyone.” The selection process for a babysitter should be thoughtful. Recommendations are great, but there’s really no way to truly know what goes on when you leave your child in [...]

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