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What to Pack for a Trip to the Beach with Baby

It’s nearly summer! Many of us are planning beach trips. If you have a baby, that means you have to be extra prepared (what else is new, right?). Here are some things you should make sure to pack. 1. A stroller – Do NOT forget this. You won’t want to carry your baby everywhere and your baby won’t want to [...]

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Prioritizing Your Day Around Naps

Naps aren’t just to give mom and dad a break for a couple hours. They’re absolutely important for your child’s development, even if your child is a great night-time sleeper. For a baby under six months, “nap” doesn’t have much meaning. It’s best to let your baby fall asleep as his or her body sees fit. There won’t be a [...]

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How to Settle Your Crying Baby

Every parent has been in this situation before. Your baby just ate. His/her diaper is clean. He/she isn’t cold or hot. They aren’t ill or gassy that you’re aware of. But they’re still crying. You’re grasping for a solution to calm things down. Try these methods. 1. First, relax yourself – You aren’t a failure as a parent because your [...]

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7 Spring Crafts for Rainy Days

Rainy days are par for the course during springtime. When your kids are probably itching to get outside during their free time, but it’s pouring out, you need some ways to occupy them until the weather turns better. Here are some rainy day crafts you should definitely check out. 1. Swinging Nerf Targets If you’re like most families, you’ve got [...]

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6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Child’s Room

It’s officially spring time, which means it’s time to open our homes and let in the fresh air. When the weather turns nice, it’s the perfect opportunity to do some deep cleaning. When we think of spring cleaning, we usually worry about public places in our home (like the living room and kitchen) and storage places (like the garage or [...]

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Pink Lining and Baby Elephant Ears Giveaway!

WE'RE TEAMING UP ONCE AGAIN WITH PINK LINING TO OFFER A ANOTHER FUN GIVEAWAY FOR OUR FANS! One lucky winner will receive the beautiful Notting Hill Tote and the new "Woodland Wonder" Baby Elephant Ear. Enter via the Rafflecopter below and don't forget to check out the optional tasks for additional giveaway entries! Giveaway open to [...]

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How to Handle Aggression in Your Toddler

Even the most well behaved children are prone to aggression every once in a while. Toddlers are at an odd age. They know so many things, but they lack the ability to communicate what they want. This frustration turns into anger and then violence. It’s a tough phase for families, but it is a phase. Here’s how to [...]

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9 Basic Skills to Teach Your Elementary-Schooler

When you send your kids to school the first time, it will feel like you’re sending them off into the world. It can be exciting and nerve-wracking. To help them prepare for their new adventures, here are some basic skills they should know. 1. Reading – Don’t feel pressured to make your kid the best reader in the class, but [...]

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6 Ways to Handle Stress in Kids

Doesn’t it seem like kids these days are a lot more stressed and anxious than they were when we were young? Studies show that 10-20% of children are dealing with some sort of anxiety symptoms . Here are some ways to help kids handle stress. 1. Don’t overschedule them One of the biggest stressors in a child’s life is a routine on [...]

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What’s In Our Stroller Bag?

New moms tend to over-pack or under-pack. We’ve made a list of essentials for every mama’s diaper or stroller bags. You don’t want to leave home without these items! 1. LatchPal If you’re a breastfeeding mom, LatchPal is a must-have! LatchPal is a chic breastfeeding clip that makes nursing on-the-go so much easier. It’s nice to free up some hands when you’re [...]

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