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5 Tips to Prevent Kids From Growing Up Spoiled

As if parenting wasn’t difficult enough, one aspect to it that you never want to happen is experiencing a spoiled child. When you see children that are spoiled, it’s no fault of their own, but rather the way they were brought up and raised in the formative years. The good news is that it’s fairly easy to keep your [...]

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Thanksgiving Day Traditions

Thanksgiving is one of my family’s favorite holidays as we love enjoying a delicious turkey dinner and getting to spend quality time together as a family. We love how the holiday brings people closer together and reminds us of all the things we have to be grateful for. Another fun thing about Thanksgiving is getting to create some memorable traditions! [...]

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Kid-Friendly Video Games

When the kids get home from school, they often head straight to the computer, TV, or the couch to play games on their phone. While we can and should limit their time spent in front of a screen, it’s hard to completely ban them from these games and devices. Letting your children play video games is not always a [...]

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Top Movies to Watch with Kids in the Fall

Fall is the perfect season for snuggling up to your kids on the couch and watching movies! It’s getting chilly outside and there’s nothing better than grabbing a hot cup of cocoa and spending time with your family while watching the leaves change color outside. There are also many great family films that take place in the fall or [...]

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Tips for Throwing a Kid Halloween Bash

Halloween is almost here and it’s a perfect occasion to throw a fun party for your kids! Kids love all of the activities associated with the fall and you can add a spooky touch to make them Halloween themed. Invite your kids’ classmates, friends, and neighbors and get ready for some delicious food and awesome party games! A little [...]

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Fall Themed Dinner Ideas

When the fall starts, it can make cooking family dinners a lot more fun. Cooking in your warm and cozy kitchen when the leaves are falling outside and the air is chill just makes the activity much more relaxing. Plus, you get to take advantage of the delicious fruits and vegetables that are in season like butternut squash, apples, [...]

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6 Educational Activities for Kids

Once the end-of-day school bell rings, most children are excited that they get to go home and play! For some children this means playtime in the backyard with siblings or friends; for others it might mean sitting down playing video games on a tablet. How kids play is incredibly important to their development and it can also make a [...]

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7 Important Life Lessons All Kids Should Learn

Parenting is more than changing diapers, giving rides, and cooking meals. There’s more than their physical wellbeing to consider. We also have to stimulate and foster their emotional and intellectual sides, but this can be more challenging. Here are some lessons every child should know. 1. Manners – These are an essential part of growing up. If you ever expect [...]

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5 Steps Before Your Child Gets a Phone

In this society filled with new technology and innovations, cell phones are more popular than ever. Hence, your child will want one of their own sooner than later. There are so many factors that go into the decision to allow your child to have a cell phone or not. Once all aspects have been considered on your end, there [...]

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8 Quick Breakfast Ideas to Fuel Your Kids’ Day

The new school year has just about arrived, which means your children will soon be running around the house in a rush each morning before the bus arrives. As parents struggle to get ready for work and send their kids off to school, there’s usually very little time for breakfast. Even if it’s something small and simple, children need [...]

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