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Children are so wise (or ignorant I'm not sure)!

     So I have decided to make a change today! My children, and I'm sure yours, chose to find a much more enjoyable side to many of the things that I loathe....for instance, a laundry basket! Is it a boat, a plane, a crib, or a space craft....who knows! But they are having an [...]

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And Baby Makes Four

I will have much difficulty living up to the praise and presence of my sisters blog entries, but I will give an effort at least.My beautiful babe entered the world in such an amazing way and I am so proud to say I am now the momma to 3 sweet girls and 1 darling boy! [...]

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Ok...so now before all of you type that address into your browser and go check out what I have been doing...WAIT! There's nothing there yet! But I wanted to make a mental not physical note of all of the amazing things that are going on with this new business venture I am on!So here it [...]

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Tuesday...That's it?

Tuesday...that's it?What a great mom huh?  So the dialogue goes like this:Kids: Mom let's have a snack. Mom: Ok...how about an apple or some grapes? We also have bananas or some baby carrots?Kids: Ok...well...hmmm..how about apples with dip?Mom: Ok we'll have peanut butter!Kids: Ummm...well...how about some of that caramel stuff too (nutella)?Mom: (giving in with [...]

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McDonald's Farm

So what are 3 babies and their momma supposed to do when Daddy is not coming home until late again, momma doesn't feel like making dinner, and all are benefiting from the 74 degree day? Go to Mamma & Papas house and see the chickens! How I would enjoy the space, privacy, and serenity of [...]

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View from Here...

These photos really need no words if you ask me! But because I like to talk/type...this is the lopsided abdomen I have. I am not sure why...but the lump on the left seems to be this babe's hind end! This is how it has looked for months and just keeps getting more pronounced. Strangers even [...]

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Four 3 and Under! The thought...

I am digging back in my blogging archives to share snippets from my days with my precious littles when they were more little. This is one of my first posts (before Baby Elephant Ears was born) and these photos sure make me smile! This is Finn with his "fairy" wings on....Sylvi dressing up in my closet...with [...]

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Time flies and a look into the beginnings….

Time flies folks. That’s no joke. It’s the whole cliche thing about other parents telling you, “Cherish every moment. Before you know it, it’s gone!”….I GET IT…it is! It’s true and I’m not even all the way to the end of this parenting journey!As I was thinking on this the other [...]

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5 Tips to Encourage Creative Playtime

When kids come home after school to play, they’ll sometimes go straight for the video games or toy sets that don’t leave much room for creativity. But playtime should be a time when kids further develop their skills and it’s a time for learning. We should encourage our kids to use their creativity during playtime and there are several [...]

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Signs That Your Child May Be Gifted

All children are unique and so special - no two children are exactly alike and they all develop new skills and learn at their own pace. If your child seems to be ahead of her age group when it comes to certain activities or subjects, you may wonder if your child is gifted, meaning that she demonstrates an outstanding [...]

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