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Finn's Fifth Fun!

Well, Finn is Five and loving every frolicking moment. His fervent desire to run, have fun and feast are forever present in his follies. Forever friendly to all friends or foes, he fantasizes of flying through all of his fantastic features.For his fervor is fantastic even at his worst.____________________________________________________________Today at 11:57 pm, my boy Finn [...]

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We tried it! Refrigerator Oatmeal

Ok...I know to a lot of people this isn't new. But for me...I hadn't seen it before! I was really excited at the thought that there was something I could do ahead of time that was a) Healthy b) Easy and c) Quick!So I took a shot at it. I used the recipe's from over [...]

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I Just Can't Wait!

It's a mess.It's not unpacked.It's not "us" yet.But I just can't wait to show you where we have moved.As I've said...I grew up here.It's home.The children are in heaven.The dog is in heaven...and now the cat!So, below you'll see the back entrance to the house...the lovely blue door! This room, The Kitchen, was once 5 [...]

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Would you consider these goods tainted?

I am digging back in my blogging archives to share snippets from my days with my precious littles when they were more little.Can you guess what Pearl is doing in the right corner?And then can you guess just how precious she is?Written by Alicia Overby - Founder & President of Baby Elephant EarsAlicia is wife, [...]

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NoDak Installment #1

Here's the handsome driver. Each had a "goodie bag" to open from my sis, auni Ash!Self inflatable whoopie cushion...what an idea!A stop for a picnic lunch with playtime and 1 hour later, it was rest time.And then there were games...paper airplaines anyone?How about soccer in the gas station Parking lot?And when in doubt...make your own changing [...]

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Outside Right Now

I have held them off for weeks. Weeks that have seemed like months.I think...a true spring has arrived. And at our house....That means it's pool weather. Have I ever told you about our pool?It's huge! (ok...that was sarcastic!)No matter the size or (lack of) extravagance, this pool has served us for over 6 years.4 kids [...]

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Gardening 101

OOooook. So the title is a little misleading. I AM going to do a teaching post, but that's next. THIS post is actually just photos of my gardens. Simple. Reliable. And pleasing to the eye!Now...I've shown you mine...so now you can show me yours.So this first photo is of the new mulch bed in the [...]

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Am I Dreaming?

Or is this really my children's life?My parents love on these children like no other....they pray for them, lift them up, encourage them and teach them to encourage one another. They also assist us in training them up in the right way, discipline when necessary, and offer advice and wisdom.Is that what this post is [...]

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Meet Gus

"Gus" would have been Pearls name had she been a boy.....and I just knew that I'd need to have a Gus in my family some day.Here he is...meet Gus! He's our 12 week Boxer Boy.He was the runt...he is cute and a completely perfect pal for Zsa Zsa!And this is him sleeping!Written by Alicia Overby [...]

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Long Overdue

(A glimpse into the very EARLY days of Baby Elephant Ears! Enjoy!)I have needed a space. A space to store all of the raw goods I have sitting around for Baby Elephant Ears. Our dining room has too long been our storage space....trying to keep designer fabric clean in a dining room with 4 small [...]

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