6 Fun Elf on the Shelf Ideas

16th Dec 2016

If you haven’t played Elf on the Shelf during the holidays, your children are bound to love it! Equally, parents can have just as much fun with this game when it comes to hiding the elf and coming up with creative ideas to place and position him. Since this game can carry on for many days, depending on when you decide to start it, you may need a little help coming up with unique ideas. Here are some of our Elf on the Shelf spots:

1. Balloon Float

Blow up a balloon with just the right amount of helium so that if you were to tie the Elf to it, it would almost float in mid-air. Your kids will be amazed to see the Elf floating around the room.

2. Sunbath

Set up a cute little lounging mat or chair underneath one of your lamps around the house. Place the Elf under the lamp as well, along with some sunscreen and a drink umbrella, and you have a sunbathing Elf in your home!

3. Construction Worker

If you have a rambunctious little one running around your house, you probably also have a bunch of little construction toys as well; like a dump truck, excavator, or cement mixer. Scatter a bunch of mini marshmallows around, and place the Elf on top of one of the toys for a fun surprise!

4. Advent Calendar

If you buy advent calendars that are filled with a chocolate for each day leading up to Christmas, be sure to pick up an extra one this year. For this idea, use the extra calendar, open a bunch of the windows, and take the chocolate out. Scatter a few pieces of chocolate around the calendar and smear it on your Elf a little, and place him nearby.

5. Christmas Shopping

Remember when you used to have your child circle various toys and gifts from magazines and catalogs to help you find their Christmas gifts? Combine this concept with the Elf on the Shelf! Sit your Elf down with a catalog on his lap, and a sharpie marker next to it. Circle a couple of items on the open catalog too!

6. Photo-shoot

For this idea, grab a bunch of your children’s favorite toys and stuffed animals. Set them up as if they were going to take a picture together. A few feet away, place a digital camera down facing these stuffed animals, with the Elf sitting behind it, ready to take the shot!

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